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64. Dear N;

I know its too quick for me to say that I like you , but it sucks that I can’t do that now , do it as soon as possible . 
I don’t want to lose you . So , I’m not taking this risk of confessing and then ruining what we have now . I need you to show me that our feelings reciprocate .
I need you to need me , too . I can’t stand talking about boys with you because the boy I was talking about , it has always been you . I don’t need your advice , I need you to understand . 
It frustrates me when you think of me as your pal , because I want to be more than that .
And now , you’re going far away from the country , and I still don’t have the guts to say it .
N , I love you . For everything you are . And the worse part is , you’ll never know that .
And I hope you’d realize how much you mean to me .
-Love; F

04.17.11 0
63. dear dylan,

we have been writing letters for months now.
and you come back from the army in a couple weeks.
i know youve planned for us to lose our virginity together.
but i hear when its planned it turns out bad.
oh and that it hurts.
i want to do it SO badly with you.
but im scared.
love, meagan.

04.17.11 0
62. Dear A.

I don’t necessarily love you, because I know that is so fucking soon to even think about that, but I really like you. Lying in your arms last night was fucking amazing. And I just want to be with you; even if it’s not in a relationship. I just want to be around you. I love the feeling I get when I’m with you. I just hope I’m not going too fast. But we haven’t really done anything except cuddle, so I don’t think it’s fast. 
There you have it. 
From, S.

02.06.11 2
61. dear D;

there is so much i like about you. and i’m not willing to give that up just because you’re leaving soon. there is honestly A LOT i like about you only thing is i know my dad wouldn’t approve, i don’t care though. 

love; V

02.06.11 0
60. Dear boyfriend;

I don’t actually think I’m in love with you. I don’t feel an emotional connection when we make love. Your best friend tells me I’m wasting my time.

Love; girlfriend.

01.16.11 0
59. Dear alex,

Thanks for all the times. I enjoy looking back and remember— wait, there weren’t any. You were never there for me. Some father you were. Have fun with your new wife and children. It’s nice to know that my brother and I are replaceable. I hope you are empty on the inside.
The daughter you’ll never have.

01.13.11 0
58. Dear Sarah;

I miss you. So much. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. There are so many places, songs, and even objects, that remind me of you. I miss what we had, the way you made me feel. I miss the way we used to drive in your car and sing to our favorite songs. I miss seeing you. I never treated you like I should have. I took you for granted, and now that you’re with her, I hate myself for it. I’m so sorry for not loving you like I should have. You will always have my heart.
-Love; Laura.

01.13.11 1
57. Dear Asshole;

So, yeah, I was completely out of my mind head over heels for you & you were probably the first person I actually liked for a long time. You seemed to like me back, so obviously in a girls mind or maybe it’s just me, who the fuck knows, I’m gunna flirt a lot and you did it back. So, here we go…. What does that tell me? You like me back, right? Ha. Nope, your just the asshole who says he likes me, but doesn’t want a relationship. Whatever. I go to Florida, & I come back. Guess who has a fucking girlfriend? YOU YOU YOU. The biggest fuckface ever. I know secrets you’ve told me about you that could probably make you lose all your friends and your ‘awesome kid’ reputation. But you know what, I won’t because I’m no the biggest asshole in the world. You have that name. You. There’s so many things I wanna say to you. But I’ll keep it simple. Your the biggest asshole I’ve ever met. Love you, douchebag. 

-Love; Me

01.03.11 0
56. Dear C.;

I’m sorry I freaked you out by calling you 3 times after I got your number. I’m sorry you think I’m annoying. I fucked up, I know, I just really really like you.

- Love; A.

12.31.10 0
55. Dear Dylan;

weve been together for some time now and your getting ready to go back to army training.
i dont know what thats gonna do to us, and this whole texting realationship is just not enough.
i want to hold, kiss, and squeeze you, and your home now and i cant even see you! today was souposed to be the day
but your leaving for new york, and i wont even be there to kiss you on new years day. our lives are growing to big for 
either of us to be in it. and you say you love me but that just isnt enough.
i want our first kiss.
the one that i have been waiting 5 years for? to happen today.
but it feels like it never will.

-Love; Meagan.

12.30.10 2